Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Everyone's a critic

I think this is probably the second-worst review I've ever had on Twitter.

(But that's presumably only because hardly anyone was using Twitter when I made Hippo World Guest Book.)

How's everyone doing? I was aiming to do a proper post today but time and motion have defeated me.* So for now, in lieu of the usual schmusual, here's some music:

I never realised Neil Tennant had such a pronounced lisp. (L-I-S-P, pronounced 'lisp'.)

Back soon. xx


TS said...

omg... Ontroerend Goed's Stars In Their Eyes

LaBrosse said...

Could be praise, that twitter thing.
As when Angelina Jolie's character in Pushing Tin provokes a local woman to observe, "If those are real she's going to have to die."

Anonymous said...


I hope it’s OK to write. I’m in the cast of a UK tour of Dracula that’s coming to London (Here’s out Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=150157621672003&ref=ts & the Website www.selladoor.com)
We’d love for you to come and review it. I used to write a blog (Actress in the City) and love reading your site!!!
Our official Press night is Thursday 7th October at the Palace Theatre Kilamarnock and London Press Night takes place on Thursday 11th November at the Greenwich Playhouse. We’d be happy to sort you out with Comps and any photo’s, images, interviews (we’re even working on a trailer) you should like.
My e-mail address is sophielholland@yahoo.co.uk or you can contact our producer/ director direct on d.hutchinson@live.co.uk or 07754 71 36 82.


Sophie :-)