Monday, August 16, 2010

'Stand', in the place where you are *

Avid Thompsonistas may recall that earlier this year I made a short piece for Queer Up North and Development Lab at Theatre in the Mill, Bradford, called Where You Stand. This was the result of a commission to make a new 20-minute piece in response to the question of what 'queer' might mean right about now.

The piece I made -- sort of a companion-piece to Who You Are, my performance for Tate Modern in March -- was a combination of live commentary (some scripted, some improvised), video (mostly of Jonny, shot last summer and never intended for use in this way!), and still photography by our brilliant and much-loved friend Kier Cooke Sandvik.

As not many people got to see Where You Stand, and many of those who did found it a bit elusive on a single viewing -- and as it had through-running video anyway -- I've now made a video version, with the scripted commentary 'studio'-recorded, and the improvised texts lifted from a live recording of the piece at Contact in Manchester. Aside from that element of live presence (I mostly sat; sometimes I stood barefoot on a piece of real turf -- see, now you can re-enact it to your heart's content), the piece is otherwise identical to the version I performed in Bradford and Manchester.

So, anyway, it's here if you want it:

and there's a very smart and lovely and generous review of the original piece here.

Please note: this video contains blatant footage of a gentleman's unclothed trouser department, gloating references to unorthodox nookie, and language items that would make a salty sailor throw up down himself and a consultant proctologist wash out his ears with carbolic soap. On the whole, it would probably be better to watch this instead.


Joe Luna said...

More R.E.M. based blog titles please. I'd like to see what you could do with "Star Me Kitten", "So Fast, So Numb" and maybe even, perhaps on a particularly grim day, "Ignoreland". Nothing post UP, obviously.

x x x

a smith said...

Thanks for putting up this link, Chris. It's great. Interesting to think about it in relation to Who You Are, which I listened to a bit of the other day, actually. The "we worry" bit. It is still resonating with me, and something I have been writing lately. I have been thinking about it in relation to the Martin Creed, but that is a much longer thought than I have time to type.

Anyway, it's great to hear and see it. To think more about desire in relation to something by your good self. To consider something that is and concerns the other and is at times joyously full of otherness and the other. And in light of recent conversations, something that at the end is, or at least to me, feels full of lightness. In the footage, in the words. Beautiful. Thanks.

In relation to what Joe Says, I'd like to add to the list "Orange Crush" and (because I'm a soppy bugger at times) "The One I Love".

As always, with love, thanks, and a (virtual) gentle hand on your shoulder.


Chris Goode said...

Thanks both!

Would love to hear that long Martin Creed thought one day, Andy. -- Will be talking about audiences and reading from Who You Are and maybe Where You Stand at the Leeds Crouchfest.

Likeliest next REM-based post from me: "Swan Swan H." -- Fact.


Chris Goode said...

And, obviously, "Hairshirt", passim. x

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