Tuesday, August 31, 2010

David McCandless at TED

I mentioned a few months ago how much I liked the programme for David Hare's The Power of Yes, which included a great visualization of the relative scale of different billion-dollar-sized statistics -- the cost of the banking crisis versus the cost of the Iraq war, and so on. I was really excited by the immediacy of this rendering of otherwise abstracted and inconceivable amounts of money into a series of legible shocks.

That Billion Dollar-O-Gram is just one of the visualizations that David McCandless (of Information is Beautiful) shows his audience in this presentation to TEDGlobal 2010, the conference devoted to 'Ideas Worth Spreading'. I always like any kind of live event that includes people applauding a graph, and though not everything that McCandless says here strikes me as unproblematic, there's lots in these 20 minutes to please the eye and tickle the brain.

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