Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Something (else) for the weekend

For all eyes:

"The Performing Wikipedia project will set up camp in the bar area at the ICA from 12-7pm each day from Friday 21- Sunday 23rd May. We need you to join us with laptops and your writing skills to take part in this sustained three day initiative to expand and improve the quality of presence of Live Art & performance in Wikipedia.

Performing Wikipedia invites participants from mid-day until 7pm each day to collaborate on updating the on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia with materials about performance and live art. A marathon attempt to write the legacy of performance into electronic public space, Performing Wikipedia is at once a mediated collaborative performance, and an intervention which propels the history and representation of Live Art into this significant on line encyclopedia/resource.

Performing Wikipedia is a project initiated by Tim Etchells and realised through the co-ordination of Lisa Mattocks and Alex Eisenberg and with the advice of Ben Ponton. Please join us for an hour or two (or longer) in the bar/cafe of the ICA - we'll be typing away, adding new articles, making lists of artists and events that should be included and improving items that are already online at Wikipedia. Turn up on the day anytime... but feel free to register interest in taking part in this project by mailing"

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