Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Just quickly before bed:

I mentioned in my long recent post an email interview that I've been doing over the past year and a bit with the remarkably patient Lawrence Upton.

Suddenly, it's not only finished but published, over at Edmund Hardy's consistently estimable (& let's hope this isn't adjudged a dip!) Intercapillary/Space.

It probably amounts to the fullest, or at least the broadest, account I've yet given of what it is I think I do and what questions underwrite it (unless you count this blog in toto), and though I already disagree with some of what I was saying a year ago when we embarked on the conversation, and am not now in quite the headspace that I was at certain points along the way, nonetheless I'm very pleased with the finished piece and I'm (a) glad to point you towards it, (b) proud that it's where it is, and (c) grateful both to Edmund and, especially, Lawrence, for the opportunity to sound off at such length and with such a sensitive (but not oversensitive) interlocutor.

This afternoon, at the National Theatre Studio, on my watch, three actors, aged between 17 and 45, who are currently appearing at the NT in plays by David Hare and Tamsin Oglesby, performed Michael Basinski's The Germ of Creativity, two visual poems by Jeff Nuttall, and a visual sonnet by yrs truly. What's more, they seemed to enjoy themselves. Hard to know if this amounts to a hill of beans in this crazy mixed-up world: but I think it might, just a bit... 

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