Saturday, February 27, 2010

M Calling

Bad form, I know, to post for a second consecutive weekend something simply lifted from the b3ta newsletter: but this made me laugh so much that Coco Pops came out of my nose, and I haven't eaten Coco Pops for days.

In other news, my attachment at the NT Studio finished yesterday -- on a really positive note, I thought -- it's been truly the most inspiring, invigorating, game-changing couple of months, and I'm really sorry it's over. Next up is a super-busy couple of weeks making Who You Are for Tate Modern, plus a workshop and reading in Loughborough which I'm excited about because I'm going to be trying out some new poems for the first time in a while. Like proper text poems with words in and everything. I'll probably get booed off and chased out of town. Well, that too is something that happens.

Not sure if I'll be back here much or at all in the next couple of weeks, but I have a couple of new things up at Transductions if you miss me.

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