Sunday, February 28, 2010

Basinski man-band

A knotty little desideratum for a bleak Sunday afternoon. Here's an mp3 of the performance of Michael Basinski's The Germ of Creativity that took place as part of LEAN UPSTREAM at the Toynbee Studios Theatre last November, plus a picture of what we looked like doing it.

For fairly uninteresting reasons I needed to make the audio file accessible somewhere online, so I figured it might as well be here.

It's a pity the recording isn't better balanced -- you get too much of me and not enough, in particular, of Jonny, who was furthest away. Though when he and I performed this piece in Cambridge a deux, it worked the other way around, so I guess this at least balances that out!

Double click on file to play

In flagrante derelicto: L to R: Lawrence Upton, CG, Keston Sutherland, Jonny Liron

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