Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The 2009 Furtive 50 Gevorts Box tracklist:

1 Tom James Scott: 'School and Rivers' (extract) from School and Rivers (Bo'Weavil)
2 Loney, Dear: 'I Was Only Going Out' from Dear John (Polyvinyl Record Co.)
3 David Åhlén: 'Ocean' from We Sprout In Thy Soil (Compunctio)
4 The Mancini Project: 'Charade' from Views of Mancini (FMR)
5 Thomas Köner: '33° 31' N 36° 19' E (Hour Six)' from La Barca (Fario)
6 Gustaf Spetz: 'Every Word I Know' from Good Night Mr Spetz (Imperial Recordings)
7 Max Eastley / Rhodri Davies: extract from Dark Architecture (Another Timbre)
8 Volcano Choir: 'Island, IS' from Unmap (Jagjaguwar)
9 Themselves: 'Daxstrong' from CrownsDown (anticon.)
10 Simon Joyner: 'Sunday Morning Song for Sara' from Out Into The Snow (Team Love)
11 One eskimO: 'Kandi' from One eskimO (Little Polar)
12 Ben Frost: 'Peter Venkman pt. 1' from By The Throat (Bedroom Community)
13 The Unthanks: 'Nobody Knew She Was There' from Here's The Tender Coming (EMI)
14 Fanfarlo: 'The Walls Are Coming Down' from Reservoir (Topspin)
15 christ.: 'Odyssey 31' from Distance Lends Enchantment to the View (Benbecula)
16 Antipop Consortium: 'Volcano' from Fluorescent Black (Big Dada)
17 Speech Debelle: 'The Key' from Speech Therapy (Big Dada)
18 Brian Harnetty & Bonnie Prince Billy: 'Some Glad Day' from Silent City (Atavistic)
19 Eugene S. Robinson & Philippe Petit: untitled track from Reciprocess: +/vs. (Bip_Hop / The Wire)
20 Magic Arm: 'Widths and Heights' from Make Lists Do Something (Switchflicker)
21 Jon Hassell: 'Time and Place' from Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes In The Street (ECM)
22 Montag: 'Nord I' from Hibernation (Paper Bag)
23 The Wingdale Community Singers: 'Montreal' from Spirit Duplicator (Scarlet Shame)
24 Cathode: 'Stabiliser City' from Sparkle Plenty (Expanding Records)
25 Editors: 'In This Light and On This Evening' from In This Light and On This Evening (Kitchenware)
26 Vijay Iyer Trio: 'Galang' from Historicity (ACT Music + Vision)
27 Hudson Mohawke: 'Fruit Touch' from Butter (Warp)
28 Kuupuu: 'Sateet' from Lumen Tadhen (Time-Lag)
29 Richard Youngs: 'My Mind Is In Garlands' from Under Stellar Stream (Jagjaguwar)
30 Kevin Blechdom: 'Gravity' from Gentlemania (Sonig)
31 Orphans & Vandals: 'Strays' from I Am Alive And You Are Dead (Fourth Floor)
32 Espers: 'Caroline' from III (Wichita)
33 Sonic Youth: 'Poison Arrow' from The Eternal (Matador)
34 Jono el Grande: 'Oslo City Suite' from Neo Dada (Rune Grammofon)
35 Aaron Martin / Part Timer: 'Seed Recollection' from Seed Collection (Mobeer)
36 Windmill: 'Airsuit' from Epcot Starfields (Melodic)
37 Lisa Germano: 'The Prince of Plati' from Magic Neighbor (Young God Records)
38 The Big Pink: 'Crystal Visions' from A Brief History of Love (4AD)
39 Tyondai Braxton: 'Uffe's Workshop' from Central Market (Warp)
40 My Robot Friend: 'Astronaut (feat. Dean Wareham)' from Soft-Core (Double Feature)
41 Anna Järvinen: 'Lat Det Do' from Man Var Vland Molnen (Häpna)
42 Es: 'Ennen oli huonommin' from Kesämaan Lapset (Fonal)
43 Depeche Mode: 'Fragile Tension' from Sounds of the Universe (Mute)
44 J. Tillman: 'Earthly Bodies' from Year in the Kingdom (Western Vinyl)
45 Edie Sedgwick: 'Rob Lowe' from Things Are Getting Sinister and Sinisterer (Dischord)
46 Owl City: 'Hello Seattle' from Ocean Eyes (Universal Republic)
47 Ghost: 'Elevate' from Freedom of Thought (Breakin' Bread)
48 Jonny Trunk: 'Multiplication' from Scrapbook (Trunk)
49 The Spartones: 'Not the Same' from Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella (Sony)
50 Squanto: 'Waiting and Waterskiing' from Go Go Gadget Grass Stains (onethirtybpm)

Tracks are uploaded to the Gevorts Box for a limited period only. All listeners are encouraged to buy anything and everything they like the sound of. Usual courtesies apply: if you own the copyright in any of these tracks and would like it to be removed, please email the Controlling Thompson.


simon kane said...

A concept album based on Epcot?! We're there.
Thank you for the music, Chris. Many happy new years. x

finlay robertson said...

One of the (many) things I look forward to each year in this post is the certainty that I'll be spending the next month or so downloading and chasing around the stuff here that inevitably (i) has passed me by during the year (ii) sounds EXACTLY like the album I've been hunting for all year ... and oh-my-golly, Goode does it again!

Only one or two quibbles - Wot No Wild Beasts? Where's Andrew Bird? And did you hear the Dub Tractor record? Or the Archivist? Malcolm Middleton? Royal Bangs? Mmmmm ... methinks a compilation medicinal is on prescription.

Hats off for not putting Animal Collective in the Top 50. Christ, reading the broadsheets it's like that was the only record put out this year.

Great work mate. You'll be missed these next few months.

Big hearts.