Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lost outside the tunnel

Hello from the middle of the night in Plymouth, which I suppose is quite like the middle of the night anywhere, though quite unlike the middle of most things in Plymouth. Really this should be a post about how much fun I'm having here (which I am): doing the show (which is mostly going well) and hanging out with Jonny (which is a treat in all this sunshine) and writing collaboratively with him (which is brainshakingly exciting) and reading lots of poetry and essays and such and watching bits of tennis and glugging too much fizzy pop and getting giddy on the giddy-inducingness of it all. But this isn't that post, boo. This is the wretched, feeble, abject community noticeboard post that circumstances drearily compel, thus:

I have lost my phone while I've been here. This comes just ten weeks after my last computer died and took with it my email address book. So right now I have nobody's phone number and there are a number of variably close folks whose email address I no longer have either, meaning I can't email them to get them to send me their phone number. Therefore: if you and I are or have been even slightly in touch in the past few years to the degree that you have my phone &/or email details, I'd like to have yours and right now I don't. Please would you be so kind as to email me your phone number(s)? That way I get to re-know your email address too. And perhaps if there's someone we both know who you think might not be a reader of this blog, could you alert them to my predicament?

If you don't have my email address but do want to send me your phone number, you can use the blog email to send it: which is clickable here.

I hope there'll be a post not long after my return to London on Sunday, catching up with a few books I've been reading of late, and perhaps reflecting on the Wound Man '09 tour experience, and generally muttering into my lemonade & grenadine; and with a bit of luck the next one after that will be the one about Mark Ravenhill and Lucio Fontana that I've been promising since about the time of Gilbert O'Sullivan's last number one record.

I might just mention that the blogroll to your right has been cleaned up a bit (not as thoroughly as it ought to be) and a few choice new addresses added, so go have a browse and see what takes your fancy. The links list needs a huge springclean. One day. Oh and the list of upcoming performances involving yr obedient servant the Controlling Thompson is about to shrink to almost nothing. Yikes.