Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It's Competition Time!!!

Due to a melon-farming fudge-up at the admin cortex here at Bank HQ, your friend the Controlling Thompson has two tickets to give away, entirely without charge or expectation, to the upcoming gig by the truly excellent David Grubbs, at London's fashionable Cafe Oto on Friday 22 May.

You will know Grubbs from his work with Gastr del Sol and The Red Krayola, among other significant outfits, as well as from his own exceptional solo oeuvre. Conversely, you may know him from his notable work as assistant photo editor at the Billings Gazette in Billings, Montana, in which case, I'm sorry, it's not that David Grubbs.

To win these two tickets and, with them, the chance to shout "GRUBBSY!" at him in an incongruous lagered-up fashion as he makes his entrance, you have simply to answer the following question:

On what track did Grubbs play the best single piano note in the entire history of recorded rock music? (Hint: it's the G below middle C.)

Answers by email to the Bank Manager no later than close of business on Monday 18th May.

If no correct answers are received, the prize will be awarded to the least incorrect; or, conceivably, to the only entrant.

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