Friday, January 02, 2009

And here's the tracklisting for Now That's What I Call Furtive 2008, which you'll find in the Gevorts Box over there --->. If you're accessing this info without its accompanying post (which contains the relevant album titles and thumbnail reviews), click here for the fullest possible shebang.

1 Sam Amidon 'Little Satchel'
2 alva noto 'u_07'
3 Pete Seeger 'Wonderful Friends'
4 Xiu Xiu 'Under Pressure' (w/Michael Gira)
5 Tamas Wells 'Fine, Don't Follow A Tiny Boat For A Day'
6 Ocrilim 'Annwn (part 7)'
7 King Creosote 'On Esther's Planet'
8 The Remote Viewer 'Untitled [track 2]'
9 Erik Levander 'Hitta Hem'
10 Los Campesinos! 'Broken Hearts Sound Like Breakbeats'
11 Sun Kil Moon 'Moorestown'
12 Crystal Castles 'Untrust Us'
13 Sebastien Tellier 'Divine'
14 Dosh 'Keep Up Appearance'
15 Autechre 'perlence'
16 Arve Henriksen 'Ouija'
17 Bauhaus 'Adrenalin'
18 Matt Davis 'passe 2'
19 Matmos 'Rainbow Flag'
20 Hadouken! 'Crank It Up'
21 Kanye West 'Paranoid' (ft. Mr Hudson)
22 Adem 'Unravel'
23 Kevin Drumm 'Snow' [extract]
24 Short Bus Alumni 'Go Team Go'
25 Sigur Ros 'Vid Spilum Endalaust'
26 Why? 'Song of the Sad Assassin'
27 Tetuzi Akiyama 'I Will Be With You'
28 Lawrence English 'Commentary'
29 Stereolab 'Neon Beanbag'
30 William Fitzsimmons 'I Don't Feel It Anymore (Song of the Sparrow)'
31 Ladytron 'Ghosts'
32 Roots Manuva 'Again & Again'
33 The Accidental 'Wolves'
34 Pivot 'Didn't I Furious'
35 Elbow 'The Bones Of You'
36 Matiere Grise 'On Connait Trop Les Consequences'
37 Fujiya & Miyagi 'Knickerbocker'
38 Windy & Carl 'Snow Covers Everything'
39 The Fall 'Tommy Shooter'
40 Bird By Snow 'Animals Calling'
41 Deerhunter 'Saved By Old Times'
42 Chad VanGaalen 'Phantom Anthills'
43 Fuck Buttons 'Bright Tomorrow'
44 Benga 'Loose Synths'
45 N.E.W. (Noble / Edwards / Ward) 'Nerve Ending'
46 These New Puritans 'Elvis'
47 The High Wire 'Saint Bees'
48 David Turpin 'White Lemonade'
49 Go Home Productions 'Grandstand Supreme'
50 Cut Copy 'So Haunted'

The usual Gevorts Box Gentlemen's Agreement applies: if you own the copyright in any of these tracks and you'd like it removed from the selection box, you've only to say: your wish is my command. I don't mean no harm, honest guvnor. Just trying to bring the love...

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Tomas Weber said...

Bloody Hell, Xiu Xiu with Swans is brilliant.