Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gevorts Box Easter egg special: tracklisting

A little something for everyone, thus:

Bonus track: The Tiger Lillies: 'Banging in the Nails' from The Brothel to the Cemetery
1. DJ M. Aynot Feed: 'Get Ur Typewriter On'
2. Idiot Pilot: 'Red Museum' from Wolves
3. Katzenjammers: 'Cars' from Tom Middleton presents Crazy Covers vol. 2
4. Connan & the Mockasins: 'Sneaky Sneaky Dogfriend' (7")
5. Austin Coleman with Joe Washington Brown & Group: 'I Feel Like Dyin' In This Army' from Negro Religious Field Recordings from Louisiana, Mississippi & Tennessee, 1934-1942, vol.1
6. BBC Radiophonic Workshop: 'Scene & Heard' from Fourth Dimension
7. DSL: 'Invaders' (7")
8. Xiu Xiu w/ Michael Gira: 'Under Pressure' from Women as Lovers
9. Sun Ra: 'Disco 2100' from Sun Ra: The Singles
10. Laura Barrett: 'Robot Ponies' from the EP Earth Sciences
11. Paul Lansky: 'notjustmoreidlechatter' from More Than Idle Chatter
12. The Death Killers: 'Why Does the Purple Dog Sing?'
13. Pansy Division: 'Jackson' from Pile Up
14. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy: 'Shadow of a Tiger' from Rock-It To Stardom
15. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks: 'Gardenia' from Real Emotional Trash
16. The Swing Bach Ensemble: 'Prima Ballerina (Theme from 'Watch')' from Girl in a Suitcase
17. Holly & Jessica: 'Poo in my Mouth' from Holly & Jessica (CD-R)
18. Duke Payne: 'The Bottom'
19. A.L. Lloyd: 'One Night As I Lay On My Bed' from England and her Traditional Songs
20. King Creosote: 'I'll Fly By The Seat Of My Pants' from KC Rules OK
Bonus track: The Tiger Lillies: 'Green Hill' from Death and the Bible

Note: as ever, if you own the copyright in any of these tracks and would like it to be removed from the Gevorts Box playlist, please contact me.

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