Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dramaturgy now!

Just quickly passing through to point you to a fascinating and genuinely insightful conversation newly posted at TheatreVoice, shining a light on the sometimes indistinctly perceived practice of dramaturgy. Beccy Smith is a particularly cogent voice in a discussion in which otherwise the default gravitational pull of script-based work would be somewhat misinformative. I think Smith has it exactly right on the central importance of ethics and etiquette. I've never employed a designated dramaturg (although I've worked with 'associate directors' in exactly that kind of role, and indeed performed that role for other companies); clearly, though, it's a role of increasing (potential) importance and significance, as part of a general shift towards a greater fluidity and a more conversational model of collaboration in the making of new work. A highly recommended half-hour, either via the TheatreVoice web site or free at iTunes; and then, if you're feeling it, go visit the Dramaturgs' Network for more info.

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