Thursday, January 04, 2007

#11-20: Peter who? I can no longer remember the basic facts.

Happy year, everyone. Hope your resolutions are going better than mine.

OK so: despite some heckling from an anonymous (i.e. fraidycat) correspondent who is officially no rock 'n' roll fun, I am pleased to unveil the next 10 in my (admittedly uncalled-for) top 50 albums of last year. Apologies again for the tardiness, but hey, I'm a tard -- who you gonna call? The holiday feeling having passed -- about 4pm on Boxing Day, in my case -- I am perforce rebranding this exercise as a 'list show'-style wallow in retroriffic nostalgification. Ah, 2006, those crazy hairstyles, those dimly remembered motor diseases; innocent, carefree times. If you click on the link at the bottom you'll get a pop-up window with Stuart Maconie saying something sardonic about Nutty Bars, or vice versa.

I must admit I really was thinking of chucking in the towel but, insanely, the whole stupid project has excited a peculiar amount of linkage (correspondingly propelling Thompson's up the Google charts: which only right now reveals itself to be an almost unreadably rude-sounding phrase that I promise never to use again). Even the BBC America web site has been directing folks here for their musical edification (though not without a certain tinge of ennui in the doing). So I feel I owe it to the burgeoning international audience presently converging on the bank, to see this through, to spread a little happiness and (most importantly) steer the vulnerable ones away from their Rush tapes.

Hopefully the top 10 should be here by the end of the weekend. I've just had a big lump of work dumped in my lap and I'm supposed to be working on Kiss of Life, which opens in Sydney in less than a fortnight... But I can't be expected to concentrate on any of that with the Damoclean sword of an Unfinished Top 50 dangling over my head like, I dunno, like some other kind of sword that might dangle over a person's head.

No, really, I think it's going well.

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