Friday, December 22, 2006

Oh I say it's tough, I have had enough, can you stop the cavalry?

In case I'm not here again before the big day: may your every com-municable desire be fulfilled this Christmas, and please, if you've enjoyed spending time at Thompson's this year, save me a little bit of marzipan, won't you?

Stay tuned for the Perkins Awards and the Top Two Fifths Of The Furtive 50, some time between Christmas and New Year.

And there's a pound sterling (or foil-wrapped chocolate equivalent) for anyone who can guess the designer of this card image. ...Though actually if you were born any time after about 1976, or you spent any of your childhood doing anything other than watching telly, the answer will be pretty underwhelming anyway. But if you're intrigued, and you're prepared to forfeit your quid, click here.

Comfort and joy, my dears. xx

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