Sunday, December 03, 2006

And this shall be a sign unto you

How cool is this? I'm making a show at the Drum in Plymouth next spring, called Speed Death of the Radiant Child, and I've just found this placeholder graphic for it on their web site. I really like it, it looks just like the play in my head.

You can't book yet, otherwise I'd make you.

It's weird -- & how often I find myself thinking this -- that you have these sorts of inchoate and intuitive impressions of the work you're going to make, months away, and somebody makes you tell them about it, and you do your best but what you say doesn't sound like anything, and then they go off and get it exactly right. This happened with the design for Longwave, and it's happening with the design for Kiss of Life, and now here we are with Speed Death and I know it's just a little jpeg in a big wide ugly-bug world but this tonight makes me feel better.

And I've just written the programme note for Kiss of Life and that made me feel better too.

If I keep feeling better at this rate, I should achieve full-body satori sometime on Wednesday afternoon, just as I'm sitting down to tell the research seminar at CSSD my thoughts on "Incorporative dissidence: liminality and consequence in post-contemporary theatre". This might well come as a surprise to them. Should I tell them, do you think? Ah, the etiquette around spiritual enlightenment is such a minefield, dude.

Read Jow Lindsay's blog, also, I meant to say. He's got it going on.

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog page while googling for an update on your show. I did that graphic for Plymouth Theatre last year and it's made my day to know you liked it!

Hope all your projects are going well.

Malc -