Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Symphonie blogtastique

Just a quick mention of three blogs I've come across in the last month or so that I'm liking a lot and that are within easy daytrip reach of Planet Thompson's.

Slinkachu's Little People 'tiny street art project' is just an immense beam-educing delight (and will particularly appeal to anyone who enjoyed the closing moments of Will Adamsdale's The Receipt). Neat links too.

Music for Maniacs: lousy name for a great mp3otheque covering the whole wibbling gamut of obscure and outsider music: inc. some fab mashups -- yes dear, I'm sure it's all terribly 2005 but I'm still enjoying hearing what folks like the goshdarned genius Lenlow are up to.

And the one I'm getting kind of hooked on is Dennis Cooper's blog. I'm quite a fan of Cooper, perhaps to an extent residually since I loved all of his novels up until Try and haven't so much liked or enjoyed anything since then. His poetry is not of much interest, though he places himself in a lineage that causes me think maybe there's more going on than I can make out. His music and art criticism and occasional pieces of the kind collected in All Ears can be really touching and insightful, perhaps a little bleached-out in places.

All that said, I think his blog is actually in a way the best work he's done, in that in it he seems to be able to pull together a lot of strands, where much of his offline writing can seem only partially realized. (Collaborations such as the brilliant graphic novel version of Horror Hospital Unplugged have been useful hints.) Here he's as much curator as author, with his voluble and spookily committed readers and fans supplying much of the material, by way of themed 'days' (an admirably cogent and level-headed introduction to free jazz has just gone up, for example) and submissions of favourite writings. Cooper himself posts a characteristic mix of the personal and the theoretical, much of it playing with the same strategies and obsessions that readers of the novels will recognize. (See how scrupulously I'm avoiding the word 'postmodern', folks?) Long, diligent lists of replies to comment-leavers, too, which excite admiration and deeper interest. There's also a fair bit of (mildly dodgy) Russian porn in the mix, re-captioned to carry unintended and uproarious narratives. If it doesn't sound like your cup of chai, don't click. But for my money, it's one of the most fully realized attempts I've yet seen at making a blog function not just as a journal or portal (though it's both of those things) but as a soft, friendly, organic artwork in itself, the kind that gathers together marginal interests (and people) and quietly, subversively, recenters them.

I appreciate that Mr Thompson and I are barely scratching the surface by comparison. But stick with us. We'll get with the programme, I promise. Someday.

In the meantime, here are some things I have, at 23:47 on Monday 9th October, that I didn't have this time last week:
1. A sore gum. (Check my name on the contents page of The Big Book Of British Smiles. I have my own chapter.)
2. A mouse in my room. (I'm trying to keep him at bay by causing Sound Forge to play very loud warbling sounds at around 22050 Hz. Anyone know if this will work? I'm not supposed to be able to hear it but I think it's giving me a headache... or possibly, come to think of it, a sore gum.)
3. Lords of Dogtown on DVD. (I was a bit suspicious but Harold says it's cool. Will let you know.)
4. A totally amazing Action Replay Projector with three tiny cassettes containing film loops of Take That in their heyday. (Thanks again Lucy, that's made my life almost entirely complete.)
5. A title for my show next year in Plymouth. And an idea for a live art piece, for March maybe.

I only really wanted to whine about the first two. Everything else is just showing off, innit.

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