Thursday, October 05, 2006

A less than glowing review

I've been drafting a post for what feels like days now, and it's still not ready to go. Sorry. But in the meantime, I was just checking to see how well Thompson's was showing up at Google Blogsearch and came across this, which -- as the lovely and vivacious Lydz points out in her comments -- is "kinda harsh", though possibly not unreasonable.

(Before you click, please note that the linked page contains very strong language, and what's worse, extraordinarily weak punctuation. I thought children's literacy hour was supposed to take care of this. Never mind.)

As a point of information, I don't, to the best of my knowledge, have a ginger "girlfriend" in Timbuctoo: though there is a direct debit on my credit card that I don't remember setting up and don't seem to be able to cancel, so maybe something untoward happened while I was having those blackouts in January.

I'm also not directly descended from cows and whales. It may be true that I... ah, it's complicated. -- But everything else is pretty much on the money.

Anyway, thanks to Marcus for the shout-out. He has a lot of MySpace friends. I'm a bit envious.

I also turned up on a Swedish blog in connection with my slightly mischievous Nypoesi piece, and was delighted to find, on running the blog page through a Swedish-to-English translation engine, that my name came out as Christine Goodwill. Which is the best accidental alter ego I've had since I checked in at the Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lumpur a few years ago to find that I was booked in as Goode Christ -- and that there was personalised stationery in my room.


Alison Croggon said...

Wow. That was a comprehensive (if, as you say, ill-punctuated) trashing. What did you do to deserve that, Goode Christ?

Anonymous said...

It seems Marcus is single. Gosh, I wonder why?