Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dave Brady RIP

A couple of musicians who made a strong impression on me when I was in my teens and whose work I continue to value very highly have died recently. There's plenty of coverage of Ligeti all over the place so I won't go to town on that here; but I did want to mention Dave Brady of Swan Arcade, who died last month: there's a Guardian obit here which was the first I heard of his passing, earlier today.

For me, Dave Brady was one of the great English folk voices of the last thirty-odd years, right up there with more widely feted singers such as Roy Bailey and Peter Bellamy. Swan Arcade's recording of 'The Wayworn Traveller' was, on my first encounter with it at the age of 15 or so, one of the most thrilling things I'd ever heard, and it still is.

The saddest thing for me, actually, is that I can't think of anyone I know who will mind much.

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