Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'll try to write about Open House in the next few days: I may as well say now, briefly, that it felt like one of the most important and deeply suggestive projects I've been involved in (and one of the most nourishingly pleasurable, too, for the most part, tending frequently towards joyous): but I'm also feeling really exhausted today after such an intense week, and found myself wanting to create a space of silence and invisibility to inhabit as an individual this evening as a reaction to the gregariousness and the emotional exposure of the past few days -- which is why, taking myself rather by surprise, I've ended up not going to the 'Paths Through Utopias' screening at the close of Two Degrees this evening. Apologies to everyone who I'd promised to see and say hello to there. I really wanted to be there but, at the crucial time, I wanted to be here, or to not be anywhere, slightly more. I'll look forward to hearing about it.

In the meantime, two things to draw your attention to quickly:

One, a really lovely blog post from Maddy Costa, sort of pendant to but also separate from last week's Guardian featurette, on the time she's spent with CG&Co over the past few weeks.

The other: a new and last-minute addition to the roster of events at the right of the page. cris cheek's doing a talk at Birkbeck on Monday evening, with the toothsome title: "Before I am Anything Else: provisional transatlantic communities in polyvocal poetic performance"; that talk is then being followed by a programme of performances of polyvocal poems, scores etc., at which I'll be performing along with cris, Lawrence Upton, Holly Pester and others. I think it could be really interesting and I'm sorry about the short notice (regrettably the academic world customarily operates on the basis of an entirely different -- and, to some outsiders including myself, baffling -- calibration when it comes to lead times). Excitingly, I'm also interviewing cris for this blog tomorrow afternoon, so watch this space, I'll get it all written up as fast as I can.

Poetry-wise you might also like to note that I'm reading with Jonny Liron and Tamarin Norwood at the Other Room in Manchester next month; and I think I can also now tentatively announce a London launch reading for Better Than Language, a new anthology of work by younger poets, which I've edited and am about to publish through my Ganzfeld imprint, on the evening of Thursday 28th July. There'll be a Brighton launch too, early in August.

More soon; enough for now. xx

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finlay robertson said...

So wish I could have been there. It sounds amazoids. Love and bitter, twisted envy to all those who made it.