Tuesday, September 07, 2010

* Also, the thing I mostly wanted to write about, it turns out I've already written about. (An increasing problem now that Thompson's is so long-in-the-tooth, in blog years at least.) There's an unbelievably boring and thoughtless conversation going on you-know-where about the current upsurge in theatre being made outside of theatre buildings. I spent an idiotic amount of time writing and then erasing comments over there, and eventually figured I'd say my piece here instead; but then I started producing a memory of having said it all before -- and so I had. It's towards the end of this post from January 2009. Am pleased and unnerved in equal measure to find that I still agree with something I wrote a year and a half ago... (Btw the conversation in the comments zone is worth a read, too -- fine stuff from compadres Jonny, Simon & Tassos.)

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