Monday, August 23, 2010

Stella Duffy on The Author

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As you'd expect, a stellar piece of thinking, feeling and writing -- all at the same time:


Chris Goode said...

Dear Shoes,

Thanks for the comment. You've certainly picked up on something in Stella's post which I think I would otherwise have missed. To be honest I'm still not quite sure that I get what you're driving at. But there's no doubting your single-minded commitment to listing shoe types. If it's not impertinent, I'm interested to know which -- as it were -- came first: your single-minded commitment to listing shoe types, or your name, "shoes". (Very cool!)

Useful though your list of shoe types is as an entry point into Stella's post -- and clearly demonstrative of this single-minded commitment to listing shoe types that I mention above -- I must say I can't help thinking that you might prematurely be closing off other lines of enquiry. Perhaps you might consider, for example, socks, or pants, or even cufflinks.

kind regards
a.k.a. MC Socks Pants & Cufflinks

simon kane said...

Oh I love it when this happens.
(Saw The Illusionist last night. What with Chomet's depiction of the light and your depiction of the noise, I'm basically there! Cheers, and good health.)


(as Stan Lee might sign off)