Sunday, May 16, 2010

This is the week that will be

Just quickly, chums, to keep you in what I know you think of fondly as "the loop".

I'm shortly off to Bradford, for a first showing of my new lickle piece Where You Stand, as part of a triple-bill called -- and who can fault this? -- Three, with Chris Thorpe and Rachael Walton. I'm excited about returning to Theatre in the Mill (where Hey Mathew nearly started a diplomatic incident eighteen months ago) -- nice space, nice people. Also I am, frankly, titillated in the extreme by the prospect of the B&B we've been booked into, about which one online reviewer had this to say:

"Worse than hell"

Appalling never book this crap place in your worst dreams. Rude uncurteous unhelping people. No Electricity and heating not working. Disgusting woman caretaker with no human values.

Liked — Nothing
Disliked — Nothing was likeable

From there we're off to Manchester for a couple of showings of Three at Queer Up North. I think we're going to have a fun time. It'll be especially good to spend some ker-wality time with Chris Thorpe, one of the most snoggable playwrights since, like, Ibsen.

And then back to London on Saturday for Tim Etchells's Futures and Pasts weekend at the ICA, where I'm taking part in an event called Some of the Futures, in which seventeen various artists (and producers and thinkers and etc.) present more-or-less back-to-back half-hour lectures on the future(s) of live performance. I think it's going to be a fascinating day -- though regrettably I won't be there for much of it other than my own contribution, which is frustrating as there are lots of folks I'd like to hear: the line-up includes Ron Athey, Matt and Ju from Blast Theory, Joe Kelleher, Judith Knight, David Micklem and the brilliant Annie Lloyd, among others. Anyway, I'm scheduled to be on at 7pm. I don't yet know what I'm going to say; my current plan for writing my presentation during a week with not much time to spare is, instead of writing a 30 minute lecture, to write 30 one-minute lectures. For some reason that seems easier. Or at least it did until I just wrote it down. Hm.

Thereafter it's straight into rehearsals for Henry & Elizabeth so things are pretty busy and this post is I suppose partly to say sorry if things are quiet here for the next little while. Of course normally when I say that, I somehow end up posting twice as much as usual, so who knows.

Bunden i vejret eller resten i håret!



Nat Raha said...

hope the performance & the B&B work out for you... the latter sounds rather riskyx

kier said...

now, i see the sentence at the bottom is danish (which i know perfectly), but i can't for the life of me figure out what it means...

i'm so unhappy i don't get to share the experience of that b&b with you. for real!

Emma said...

Aces work at Theatre In The Mill last night. Thank you. I've seen two bits of your work now (Hey Matthew before also at the Mill) and on both occasions I've been delighted. Properly delighted in the old fashioned kind of way. Thank fuck for work that still sets its sights on engaging the heart and brain. Shocking how rare this is... As a Bradfordian I have to say I'm mortified that you ended up in what sounds like the hell pit of B+B despair. Hope it turned out to be fun bad, laugh about it and boast about how you survived it bad and not just really bad...

Chris Goode said...

Hello all --

& greetings from Manchester. Ah, on we go.

Actually the Bradford B&B was absolutely fine. Think it must be under new ownership.

Kier -- aw, man, it's sad you're not here for this great adventure. You get talked about in the show though so you're close in spirit! That Danish thing -- I can't vouch for its accuracy, I just copied and pasted -- apparently it's a drinking toast, which translates roughly as "Bottoms up and the rest in your hair". Which is a motto I live by, certainly.

Emma -- wow, thanks so much for those kind words. And yes -- to adapt a Woody Allen quote -- the heart and brain are two of my favourite organs... Thanks for coming -- hopefully I'll be back in Bradford before too long, I really like the Mill.

& love for all xx

kier said...

haha, yeah that is what it said, but despite drinking a ton in denmark with danish people over the years, i'd missed that saying and couldn't figure it out. now that i look at it again, it is exactly the kind of silly, nonsensical thing danes would come up with, so i should have known. if you're ever in norway, by the by, i'll introduce you my favourite beer: the danish Tuborg. danes do almost everything better.

word verification: butch, for realsies.

#follow_me said...

Hi Chris,

Booking for Three at Contact is via 0161 274 0600 or

See you at Contact!


Barry Priest
Marketing Officer

Chris Goode said...

Sorry, Barry, should have updated my sidebar. I've put links in the main text though. x