Saturday, January 02, 2010

On hold

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I'm going to be taking a little break from Thompson's for the duration of January and February. On Monday I start an eight week attachment at the National Theatre Studio, doing a research project that will involve (amongst other things) a considerable amount of reflective writing on theatre and allied trades. I hope that that writing, or part of it at least, will eventually form the basis of some kind of published work; for now, though, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to close the door for a bit.

Some readers will note that this leaves one particular promise unkept. In November I solicited suggestions for a post on whatever took anybody's fancy, and indicated that one such submission would inspire my last post before closedown. Well, the proposition I picked, from Dr Sam Ladkin, was on: "Dance and/or whether the body is sincere". Jonny Liron had similarly asked about "authenticity, especially in relation to a person's body, and desire", which I think might abut Sam's question, or at least abut the way I try to answer it. But given that both these questions come very close to some of the things I'm going to be thinking about and working with at the NT Studio, I'm going to keep my powder dry for the moment, and make all that stuff the basis of my comeback post, or a post shortly after it. It will not be forgotten.

I remain available by email for anyone who wants to get in touch -- and I may pop up here a wee bit anyway if there's anything I can helpfully post that doesn't involve lots of thinky writing. But my expectation is to be mostly gone till early March. Though I hope I'll run into a few readers at this year's Devoted & Disgruntled, or elsewhere, between now and then. (If you haven't been to D&D before and are considering it, I'd warmly recommend taking the plunge. Last year was my first, and it was time and money extraordinarily well-spent.)

In the meantime: your presence is important to us. Please continue to hold. Thank you.

Cue hold music:


birnam said...

Was it Virut? I had that. It's like grappling with a sentient being. It even went through the router to a different PC, which I also had to reformat.

Sometimes I think Adobe puts those torrents up in preemptive retribution.

birnam said...

Whoops comment was meant for post of 16/2.