Thursday, December 31, 2009

A year

(Backing music: Mary Margaret O'Hara, 'A Year In Song' -- "Joy is the aim / Joy is the aim...")

In roughly chronological order:

One last trip around Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Other Rooms at the Hayward. Matt Trueman on failure. Devoted & Disgruntled: cold hands, warm hearts. Meet Maggie Henderson (Ragtime) and Gwyneth Powell (Mrs Mclusky in Grange Hill) in the same afternoon. Weeping with laughter at Adam & Joe's analysis of the first episode of Skins Season 3. The Obama inauguration; Pete Seeger and Stevie Wonder at the We Are One concert two days before. Recovery in Cambridge. "Jeremy, we've broken your mirror." "Good." Dinner with Celia Harriss, the sweetest girl in all the world. Tomas Weber: 'The Hole'. Johannes Kreidler: Charts Music. Slightly trashing a hotel room: short sharp fun, followed by long tall anxiety. Cowards. Basketball. Les Ballets C de la B: Pitie. Jerome Bel: A Spectator. Dave Beech bang-on as usual. Apocryphal Theatre: Besides You Lose Your Soul... Christian Bale takes David to the dentist. Tim Etchells and Ant Hampton's True Riches, for the ICA in our dreams. Untitled film by Kiddiepunk. Robin Purves on improvisation and The Fall. Tony Hart flash mob. Crying my eyes out on Belfast Road. The transmogrification of Gerard Bell into Owl and Jonny Liron into Pussy-cat. Later, Jonny as Dog. Talking to Alistair McGowan about King Pelican. My night with Night, London; the brilliant Kelda Holmes. An elating first glimpse of Adam Smith's animations for Wound Man and Shirley.

Digital photograph by Kier Cooke Sandvik, from the series 'Camera holes'
at Kier's blog, Flesh World

The Treadaways, brave and beautiful as ever in Mark Ravenhill's superb Over There. Fred Sandback at The Russian Linesman opens a wound. More basketball. Waterfights. Roni Horn aka Roni Horn at Tate Modern. Let the Right One In. Walking out of a theatre piece for the first time ever (Jan Fabre's Orgy of Tolerance). Dan & naD. Stavros Flatley. Paul & Jeanette. Wound Man and Shirley at Mayfest: the best fun audiences of the whole tour. Scrambled eggs and cold milk at a beach cafe on Jersey. Old school friends. Missed Kidd Pivot at Sadler's Wells, but knocked out by the clip. Kier's hospital diary. Lemonade and grenadine by the sea with David Prescott, and on the South Bank with cris cheek. "Julius Caesar has left the building!" Project Natal Milo demo. Jerk at the South London Gallery. Jonny's Fluxus hard-on in Language Thinks Language: work that makes a difference. Nick Hunt's big lever. Earn Your Milk. Channel 4 does Life Class. Dom Sylvester Houedard's typestracts at Poor Old Tired Horse (ICA). Tony & Jonjon: best double-act of the year, and probably the best TV too. Welcome to the Dream Factory at Vulpes Vulpes. Lucy Ellinson's breathtaking performance in Land Without Words at Theatre503. Hot Gun #1. Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox. Antichrist: a devastating masterpiece - don't believe the antihype. Sublime Pink Mermaid smoothies at Vita Organic - "not a very manly choice," says my waitress. Accidental headline of the year. 

Jack (White Sides), 2009
Photograph by Ryan McGinley from the series 'Moonmilk'

Glass House at ROH: Harold as Marie Antoinette; Andy smiling and perfectly still in blue. Wales with Jonny: poached eggs, long walks, total happiness. Filming Dream Boy lost in the woods. Carl Sagan: "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch..." Wedding of the century: Tom with uke, Jamie with saw, Tass with security tag, me with pride, Fin with Emma 4ever. Ryan McGinley: Moonmilk. Keston Sutherland: Stress Position. Welsh rarebit at the Blue Legume. Creating 'Hand/Mouth' with J: poetry, theatre and fucking, all in one: the unholy grail. The Black Page. Masterchef: the Professionals. Herzog loves Astaire. Openned Land for Lajee benefit: Jow says it all. Showing a bunch of bright students Hail the New Puritan in the room where some of it was shot; sound of the year: listening to the pennies drop. Miriam Margolyes a revelation in Endgame. Sophie Calle at Whitechapel. The Collected Fanzines of Harmony Korine. The Golden Age of Video. Beer. Street Gang. Second volume of Michael Palin's Diaries. a smith, life-affirmer. Micro Men. Marianne Morris: Iran Documents. Paul Abbott: Wolf's Froth / amongst other things. Cambridge Literary Review #1. Paul Curran: 'The Amputation of Style'. Working on O Vienna with Jonny: holding each other to the radical standards of nakedness.

Geraldine Monk at the final Openned reading at the Foundry
Photograph by Malcolm Phillips

Dominic Lash at LEAN UPSTREAM: moving, moving, moving. Basinski man-band. The TEAM: Architecting. Attend a recording of 'ISIHAC', the most middleclass thing I've ever done. The Forest and the Field: Sebastien dancing naked in gold light. Phil Ridley: heart full of heart. Long-awaited re-release of Ivor Cutler's Privilege. Last ever Openned at the Foundry: Geraldine Monk reads 'A Nocturnall' for me. Suffusing Spitalfields Market with barely visible performance art. History of Airports comes out; Tom Lyall reads from Longwave at the launch: nobody breathes. STKINT! Examined Life. Note-perfect rotolo at the Gate. Show Jonny the video for Take That's 'Could It Be Magic?' and he totally gets it. Jonty Tiplady's Collected Poems - and much more besides. R&D at the American Church: a week spent agog. Harry Gilonis: Acacia Feelings. The Poo-Jazz is here. Sequence of packages in the mail from Basinski. Reduced to sobs by song from Babe: Pig in the City on the last ever Terry Wogan Breakfast show. Rage Against the Machine #1. Ossau-Iraty cheese, rosemary biscuits and Somerset ale chutney. Tassos on The Forest & the Field -- more birds, more air. Up, because Tom Moronic said so. Longing, but not minding. The last notes of the last post of the best year of my life. Better yet to come.

Happy New Year, everybody.

with love xx


Keston said...

Happy new year Chris, and much love (from the suburbs of Nagasaki: the real ones, this time) -- Keston xx

Paul Curran said...

Very cool to be on this great list. All the best for the new year/decade.

Anonymous said...

Beer! Took me a while to notice, and thanks. See you tonight. X