Saturday, December 19, 2009

Advent Calendar: Day 19

December 19th: Ho ho ho! vs. Ha ha ha!

Welcome, welcome, one and all, to Uncle Controlling Thompson's Hiding To Nothing Grotto.

Yes, friends, Day 19 is Comedy Day, coming atcha like a cheap-as-chips Radio 2 Saturday lunchtime clip show, but without the dreary links by Arthur Smith. ("Those reflections on abseiling were brought to you by Robin Williams, Fogwell Flax, Rowan & Martin, Rita Rudner, Instant Sunshine and the cast of The Now Show. I live in Balham in south London. And now here are the same clips again in a different order.") There's no way this ends well.

Even at the best of times, other people telling you that something is funny is surely the closest thing to a guarantee that it will utterly fail to make you crack a smile. And, make no mistake, these are not the best of times. I collect quite a lot of comedy stuff, especially American stand-ups, and there seems to be surprisingly little kicking around on festive topics. So, in the end, this is really just a killer (but very NSFW) Cassetteboy track, surrounded by Santa-style padding; plus of course Mr Hankey, a song that seems set to become this generation's Auld Lang Syne.

So, look, I hope something here elicits a chuckle. If not, I dunno, maybe think for a few minutes about something you do find funny, and perhaps then imagine that that was a hidden bonus track at the end of the mix. 

Tomorrow: music again, I promise, as we veer from one extreme to the other. Ho ho ho xx

Track listing:
1 Family Guy: A Family Guy Christmas
2 Steve Martin: Five Christmas Wishes
3 Cassetteboy: Nigella's XXXmas
4 Norm MacDonald: The Twelve Days of Christmas
5 Ray Romano: Letter to Santa
South Park: Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo

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