Thursday, August 27, 2009

Glass House

There's a post stuck in development hell at the moment -- I'm half way through making some airy pronouncements about certain currents in upstream poetry: so nobody, or almost nobody, is going to be holding their breath; nonetheless I'm hoping to get that finished at the weekend, before it turns into a thing.

Meanwhile, may I draw your attention to some upcomings, near and far (in time; both quite near in space, unless you live somewhere I don't).

Next weekend my performance/installation piece Glass House is at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden as part of Deloitte Ignite '09, a mini-fest -- not that mini, actually -- of contemporary performance and live art, curated by Time Out magazine broadly around the theme of 'mirrors'. The piece runs continuously from 1.30 to 4.30 in the Clore Studio, and you can spend all afternoon with us or pop your head round the door for two minutes, it's totally up to you. (Hm, I made that sound more binary than it is. Those were just the two ends of the axis. OK?) The oh-so-high concept is a simple one: four male performers, each in a separate dressing room, with a couple of mirrors and a bunch of female-designated costumes from the Royal Opera House store. The performers are a fairly diverse quartet in terms of age, cultural background and artistic practice, and I'm genuinely fascinated to see what happens -- as I think are they -- when they have this stretch of time simply to work / play with the costumes they've picked out. Full details are opposite: importantly, admission is free but you do need to book a ticket.

So that's next weekend; and then there's a stretch of time where things are currently a bit uncertain -- we find out in a couple of weeks whether we're going to be (a) very busy, or (b) very not, all through October and November... And then towards the end of November there's my bit of this:


kier said...

wow that's pretty impressive chris, it sounds brilliant. wish i could go. if i could i'd be on the extreme end of your axis. fingers crossed for your oct/nov thing. xxx

Tomas Weber said...

I am furiously holding my breath. Wish I could come to the Opera House. Alas, am shipwrecked in France. I may be lugging my cases up to London in early 2010, though, so I shall hope to see you and your goings on.

A some what embarrasing side-note relating to my arrival in London:

do you or perhaps does anybody you know need any filing done (i.e. at Rose Bruford or ArtsAdmin etc etc)? I am very good at filing, know my alphabets, etc, but I could do other things as well, such as pouring drinks / turning the lights on / off, etc. Don't look for anything, but if somebody happens to express a need/desire, be remembering me. Thanks so much and best always, T.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Goode!! How are you doing?
I am a brazilian actor and I am interested your play Kiss of Life. Iwould love to permorf it in Brazil. Would this be possible?
Sorry about my short message. I didn´t know how to introduce the subject!!! best regards, weber fonseca

Leigh Caldwell said...

I can't find your email address any more, so I thought this was as good a way as any of reaching you. Of course if there were a way to post a comment on the whole blog rather than one article, wouldn't that be perfect; and yet just so open to abuse.

Anyway: this reminded me of you - both the writer's style of appreciation, and also the piece being appreciated, made me wonder if I was reading a guest Chris Goode posting on another site. But it's just your alter ego, apparently:

Anonymous said...

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