Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stop Press: World's shortest pipeline

This isn't the post I've been waiting to write, and certainly not the one I really want to write which is now being held in a queue (but is important to us and will be dealt with as soon as an operator is available, meanwhile please listen to 'Chung Kuo' by Vangelis until your ears retreat defeated into your skull and your glasses consquently fall on the floor). But it is the post that needs writing now because it concerns activities of quite vertiginous imminence.

As a result of a very recent flurry of conversations and emails, I'm delighted to say that I'm going to be reading some poetry this coming Friday in Cambridge, along with one or more others. The definite one is the brilliant young poet Tomas Weber, whose work can be heard somewhere in the swirling collages of Hey Mathew (and of whose blog I am a big fan). He's still in his teens but you better believe he knows how to time it so that he can hit you out of the park.

So, if you're in or near Cambridge on Friday, or nowhere near but feeling like a blast of pre-winter air direct from the Urals and a little literary scuffle for All Hallows Eve, and prepared to travel for both, please join us:

Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio, Faculty of English, West Road, Cambridge
Friday 31st October   7.30pm
Free entry. Refreshments.

Meanwhile, normal Thompson's service -- or at least, that slightly abnormal version of normal service wherein I actually post stuff here - will be resumed in less than the metric twinkle of a glaucomatous eye.