Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not here but there

Dagnabbit. It is a matter of the most blitherous malconsequence that I haven't linked from here to the Hey Mathew blog. Early on it was because I was feeling coy about the whole palaver. Since then it's just incompetence and forgetfulness. Now, I want everyone there, hanging out, toasting marshmallows, enacting obscure Viking rituals. (The reference is to the swarthy chaps with the horny helmets, and vice versa; not to the corporate stationers, whose only ritual appears to be to send me three catalogues a week promoting cheap toner cartridges for printer models I do not own and never have or shall, attempting curiously to entice me into making entirely redundant bulk purchases thereof by offering me a free tin of biscuits: a strategy which I cannot deny has given me pause more than once.)

Please feel at any rate very warmly welcome to come down on that fold: ladeez'n'gennelmun: the Hey Mathew blog. (Not the most surprising web address, no.)

O since you ask so nicely. The Klinker reading was a blast. Lovely to see those who were there. (How is it possible that Malcolm Phillips just gets more and more beautiful? To whom should I complain? -- Which reminds me of a lovely story in today's Popbitch mailout: AQA, one of those text-your-question services, apparently recently received the enquiry: "Why does ur nan have intercourse with penguins?") And I came perilously close to being picked up by an inebriated 40-year-old woman, who formed an inexplicable attachment to me and was, somewhere behind the fumes, rather sweet. And I liked the band Team B very much, once they hit their stride: some great No New York riffery and cheap harmonizer thrills.

And a round huzzah for the appointment of Sean Holmes as the new artistic director of the Lyric Hammersmith. A good choice, I reckon, and evidently a popular one.

That's all I'm saying. There are a hundred and nine things that need doing. A hundred and ten if you count actually doing any of them.

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Leigh Caldwell said...

Ahem. "heytmathew"?

Is that what you really meant the show title to be, or is it like writing your email address with (at) in the middle so the evil spamming Google can't figure out the link? Search engine optimisers the world over are trying to figure out your misere strategy.