Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Forest Fringe Tapes

So here are the few recordings I made of my recent readings at Forest Fringe. From the first programme ("Bombastic and booming, almost to the point of mania" -- ThreeWeeks), my struggle with Allen Ginsberg's 'Howl', which I think ends with a defeat on points for me but I dare to imagine I may have bloodied its nose; and then the whole of the third programme, senza laborious introductions and nervous wittering: what remains is: Cathy Berberian's 'Stripsody'; an extract from 'Notes from the Correspondence' by Bob Cobbing & Jeremy Adler; and the Ursonate of Kurt Schwitters.

I do apologise for the poor sound quality. This was all being done on the digital equivalent of wax cylinder apparatus. I've cleaned and EQ'd it as best I can but hi-fi it ain't.

For those who'd rather download than stream, you can get a .zip file of the whole lot here. (File size is 34MB so it's not too gigantic.)

And, if I may be so revolting, can I remind anyone who potentially has appropriate invitations to bestow that, oh yes, I'm very much available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, et cetera. Talk to me.

Enjoy, if that's the word I'm looking for.

The Forest Fringe Tapes


listen music said...

Thanks for this Forest Fringe recordings. Though the sound recordings are not too clear but it's still enough to be heard.

Andrew Haydon said...

Hello Chris,

Those recording seem to have disappeared. Terrible shame as the machine I downloaded them onto is no longer with us.

Any chance they might find they way back online (after you're back in blighty?). That Howl film has just been released (I just watched it being not-so-warmly received on the Review Show on a proxied iPlayer) and wanted to play yours to the German half.

Anyway, will stop emailing you by comment now. Hope The Author continues stimulating.