Tuesday, November 06, 2007

We're in record

Just a little vanity post -- I mean obviously they all are, but this one especially... -- because a few folks who I think genuinely wanted to come to my reading on Saturday at La Langoustine est Morte couldn't make it. So for them, and any other interested passers-by, I've uploaded a recording of the set, and copies of the four texts I read: meaning you can recreate the headiness of it all in the comfort of your own room / pyjamas / insanity.

The recording is taken from my little digital dictaphone so the quality's pretty poor, but I've done what I can to clean it up and embeefify it somewhat. (Yeah, embeefify is a word.) You'll probably miss quite a lot if you're not following along with the texts...

It would be pretty inappropriate to offer a full match report but: it felt like a not-bad reading, though somewhat vocally constrained by the nasty cold I was just beginning to get over -- my voice is a little coarse and the range of what I'm able to produce is limited to varying degrees of emphatic hysteria. But that's enough to be going along with I guess. It was an almost entirely unfamiliar audience and they were staggeringly open to what I was doing, and attended to it with great concentration and generosity. The organization was pretty ramshackle and it's an inexpressibly horrible room to read in, the lighting is dreadful and everybody feels hot and cramped; the bill was so various as to be almost incoherent, and I can't say I felt bathed in the warmth of the organizers towards my work (as you'll hear from the outro at the end of the set). But it was good to hear Anthony Joseph do a brief unscheduled set, he's a serious and impressive writer I think; and I was really blown away by a brilliant young guy called Inua 'phaze' Ellams, who's making a considerable name for himself on the performance poetry scene but seems to me to be very adeptly resisting all of the cliches of that mode of work, all of the self-affirming identity-politics tail-chasing: his stuff is smart, intricate, involved, and full of beautifully poised and delicately turned cadences. I'll be keeping an eye out for him in future and I'd warmly recommend you do the same.

Anyway, here's my part in the proceedings, for you to take or leave:

1. Introduction: mp3 (1:56)
2. 'An Introduction to Speed-Reading': pdf / mp3 (7:22)
3. 'Race Hazard Testbed > Privacy Statement': pdf / mp3 (3:58)
4. Introduction: mp3 (2:08)
5. 'Ding-Dong Pattersong': pdf / mp3 (8:59)
6. Introduction: mp3 (1:10)
7. extracts from 'It's the Spork Valley All-Stars': pdf / mp3 (5:58)

I'll be back in a day or two with something a little less self-promoting.

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Anonymous said...

just listened and read the introduction to speed reading. it's really quite wonderful. Reminded me at times of Cyrano's nose rant in de Rostand's play.