Saturday, March 10, 2007

Trembling Before P*d #2

Dear hearts, I just don't have the sense or the stamina to put out today, so I thought I'd disinter this below from the archive. I drafted it last month but didn't post it because there had been just too many lists, especially music, clogging the blog at the time, and one Nick Hornby in the world is, you know, ample.

If you didn't read the first Trembling Before P*d post, this is just a little featurette I thought I'd throw in from time to time, when I wanted to commemorate a particularly excellent random playlist generated by my iPod in shuffle mode. Excellent as in: fits my mood and fits the journey I'm making, but also alters my mood and overlays my perceptions of the world in unexpected ways. And all of the segues are cool.

Sorry for this chewing-gum. Will try to post something more substantial tomorrow.

Date: Tuesday 6th February, early afternoon

Journey: Home (N16) to Toynbee Studios (E1)
Travel: On foot
Journey time: 1 hr 20
Weather: Bright, sunny spells, worryingly mild

Notes: On paper (or screen), the early lurch into daytime Radio 2 c.1981 looks pretty grim, but actually was a huge, guiltless pleasure. After all, these tracks wouldn't be on the player if I wasn't receptive to them. Slightly odd sensation of suddenly realizing, in that weird, intimidating hinterland at the bottom of Kingsland Road before you hit Shoreditch, that I was singing along quite loudly to "I Know What Boys Like". This prompted a few minutes' reflection on the remarkable possibility of carrying out as complex a procedure as singing along to a record without consciously knowing you're doing it. Emerged from this reflection to find that I was singing along even more loudly, and in quite distressing tones, to Klaus Nomi, despite not knowing the words to that song.

Random playlist:

Richard Butler, 'Satellites' (from Richard Butler)
Gastr del Sol, 'Blues Subtitled No Sense of Wonder' (from Camofleur)
Bob Marley & the Wailers, 'Waiting in Vain'
Jon & Vangelis, 'Outside of This (Inside of That)' (from The Friends of Mr Cairo)
Sad Cafe, 'Every Day Hurts'
Sally Oldfield, 'Mirrors'
Kate Bush, 'The Wedding List' (from Never for Ever)
Sophia, 'Bastards' (from the bonus disc to Technology Won't Save Us)
Sly & the Family Stone, 'Que Sera Sera'
The Waitresses, 'I Know What Boys Like'
Klaus Nomi, 'The Cold Song' (from Klaus Nomi)
Kraftwerk, 'Kometenmelodie II' (from Autobahn)
Fierce Girl, 'What Makes a Girl Fierce?'
Scissor Sisters, 'Take Your Mama'
Sparklehorse, 'Morning Hollow' (from Dreamt for Light Years...)
Radiohead, 'Like Spinning Plates' (from Amnesiac)
Silly Sisters, 'Fine Horseman' (from No More To The Dance)

p.s. One unexpected outcome of that journey was that I'm going to use the Gastr del Sol track in Speed Death of the Radiant Child. So there's a little inside information for you. Try not to trade it for magic beans.

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