Monday, February 05, 2007

The Immortal Brad

As a slightly curious postscript to yesterday's remarks about Robert Wilson:

You might have heard of the series of video portraits, mostly of slebs, that Wilson made for LAB HD, which was (until its closure at the end of 2005) a sort of high-definition VH-1 for video art.

The only one of these portraits it's easy to track down (though I'm going to stay on the trail for others -- would be fascinated to see the Steve Buscemi one...) is of Brad Pitt. So, sigh, you'll just have to make do with Brad in his shorts in a rainstorm. The whole thing is deeply, deeply peculiar.


Mark Fisher said...

Just think of the electricity for all Bob Wilson's lights!

I've given you a kind of plug in the sidebar to my theatre and the environment article in the Guardian G2 today.

All the best,


Chris Goode said...

Great, thanks Mark. I'm more relieved than ever that we managed so successfully to camouflage the private jet we used to travel between gigs.