Sunday, January 28, 2007

Gevorts for the day

So at long last, Gevorts Box, the Thompson's radio stream, is refreshed. There are now tracks from all the albums in the Furtive 50 (in no particular order), and a whole mess of fine and dandy stuff besides. As promised, I've thrown in a couple of cuts from Alice Coltrane; there's a smattering of tracks based around retro gaming -- Aphex Twin takes a swing at PacMan, Orgue Electronique abuse Pong, Ian Sherwen assists in the suicide of a Speak and Math, etc.; some current favourites pop up, including Loney, Dear (at whose altar I have arrived a bit late), The Late Cord, and the newly indispensable Connan & the Mockasins; there's the opening track from Henry Threadgill's 1995 album Makin' a Move, which I've only just discovered and is making my head spin very agreeably; there's The Kingsmen's "Jolly Green Giant", one of the great half-lost pop records of the 60s; and for the grown-ups there's Jim Henson doing the Captain Vegetable theme song, Phil 'n' Dog's limitlessly inappropriate mash-up of the Muppets theme with Electric Six's "Gay Bar", and Rolf Harris effortlessly outdoing the original with his genius cover of "Walk on the Wild Side". O and bags more. Literally, bags.

I'm very happy, by the way, to try to fulfil requests at Gevorts Box, and, indeed, dedications. [That deserves an emoticon, but unfortunately I'm 33 years old.] If there's something you'd like me to play, just leave me a comment here, or drop me a line by email if you know where to find me. (It's not hard to discover.)


Anonymous said...

hehe saw you are playing my speak and math track! cheers, ian.

Chris Goode said...

Ian -- it rocks!

Nice to know you were here.

take care, Cx